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2021 Dinner Meetings:
January 27, 2021
February 24, 2021
March 24, 2021
April 21, 2021
May 26, 2021
June 23, 2021
July 21, 2021
September 22, 2021
October 27, 2021
November 24, 2021


Sandi and I had the extreme honour of attending a dinner meeting with the lovely ladies from BPW Niagara Falls. Never have we been so warmly embraced by a group. Our stories are not pretty yet they received us with grace and honour. We feel truly blessed to have basked in the glow of energy emanating from these lovely souls.

Thank YOU ALL!

Jennifer Johnston
NAMES – Niagara Area Moms Ending Stigma

Names Niagara

BPW Niagara Falls meetings are always Fun and/or Informative. I learned so much from  the presentation on recognizing the differences between our gender’s heart attacks and that of men, and what to do during the hands on practices, to the beat of the BEE GEEs “Staying Alive”. – Niagara Falls member since 2015


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